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 Infra-Structural Facilities

The world has crossed the age of information into the age of knowledge.And, for this all round education is the key.Where else does a person acquire such education, if not in school ? The school forms a huge part of a child's world.The St.Joseph's CBSE High School has a well planned state of the art infrastructure.

The class rooms are spacious and well-ventilated having furniture that are ergonomically, designed to give students a healthy seating posture.learning rooms are equipped with Audio / Visual learning aids. Big display boards carrying an assortment of charts, posters, maps etc.,adorn the walls of learning rooms. Every brick, every pillar and every wall teaches something as they carry quotes, facts, Heuristics, written or oral communication skills..


The school has excellent facilities for a wide range of games and sports, including Basket Ball, Badminton, Volley ball, Kho Kho, Kabadi etc.And Indoor games like Shuttle Badminton, Carroms, chess etc., A trained expert gives Yoga and meditation classes to students, for their physical well – being and to improve concentration.


A visual speak a thousand words is an oft-quoted maxim.A visual can sometimes convey messages that cannot be conveyed in word and a person's memory can retain word more easily when presented as visual the auditorium caters not not only to literary and cultural programs, debates, guest lectures etc., but also to use electronic aids like OHP television, VCR,, LCD'S and multi media computers.


In spite of megabytes of information zipping, through the internet, Book reading remains the best source of knowledge, not to mention, a healthier alternative to surfing. Library period is provided for each and every class in the time table to inculcate the reading habit in the students.  The spacious library housing innumerable books is a real treasure throve.


Skills of communication, formal or informal and inter personal relations, play a major role in the success of an individual.  The children of C.S.A. school communicate freely in English with their peer and teachers.  They subscribe to dailies and periodicals.  Projects on current topics are allocated to the students individually and in groups to improve their oral and written communication skills..  Much emphasis is laid on public speaking and group discussions.  Phonetics, Structures, Grammar and morphology is taught through C.D s and Overhead phones.


A computer lab is huge with latest high – end systems with internet facility.  We have digital library comprising of entertainment and education C.D s for the staff and students.  The system of student ratio is at an ideal 1:1 and faculty assist the students to browse and gather information relating to their topics and subjects. Children are taught MS OFFICE, C , Photo Shop, Phython, Scratch and such other languages.


Practically speaking, science as taught in the classroom can cut no ice unless properly supported by practical demonstrations.  It is with this purpose that the school has put up a state – of – the art Science Lab that is equipped with all the necessary instruments.  To encourage the scientific temperament in our children they are encouraged to organize science exhibitions.  Such an exhibition may look like a very small thing to grownups.

  • Conceiving an idea
  • Planning the exhibit
  • Execution of the work
  • Achieving success


The school has a Maths Lab as per the guidelines given by CBSE.  The objective of the laboratory is to promote critical thinking and ability to approach a problem in different ways. It calls for firing the imagination of the learners so that they are creative and contributive. It calls for taking the concepts of Mathematics beyond the limitations for the text books. It facilitates in doing simple experiments and projects that would lead to empowerment of various skills among the learner viz

  • Numerical skills
  • Observation skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Skills of comparing, interpretation
  • Life skills and skills for games etc.

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