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 Welcome to St Joseph's CBSE High School
Principal Rev. Sr.P.Arockia Mary Correspondent Rev.Sr.K.Maria sundari
Rev.Sr.P.Arockia Mary the Principal of St.Josephs CBSE High School strives always for the development and progress of the school, students and the staff assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a diversity of individuals, programs and processes. She gets the information of various perspectives and utilize if in improving instruction and learning. She gives utmost importance to discipline and character building of the students.
Rev.Sr.K.Maria sundari the correspondent of St.Joseph’s CBSE High School is a dynamic personality embedded with knowledge to support and guide the students and staff time and again. She stands for strong ethics with integrity, reliability and organized vision to meet the mission of the school.

The calendar for the academic year in prepared keeping in mind that about 210 working days are at the disposal of the Teaching Faculty for the smooth conduct of the school curriculum.The calendar includes curricular, co-curricular activities (like Sports, Games, and Club Activities, External Activities, Education tours & Examinations) and other relevant information.

Students are generally not permitted to be away from the campus during the Regular working days.Even when they are ill-disposed they remain in the campus under the care of the teachers and Class IV employees.

Only the Parents / Guardians (as specified in the application) are permitted to avail the Gate-Pass and to take their Ward from the school.Under no circumstance, will students be allowed to avail Gate Pass and to go on their own.

It is obligatory on the part of the Parent / Guardian to bring their ward back to campus one day prior to the reopening date.Late reporting is looked upon as a serious lapse of discipline and a fine is charged as per the following specifications.,These charges will be automatically billed in the termly invoice.

Student's name is automatically struck off the rolls if he / she does not report within 2 weeks.

Administrative Office

Working Hours :
The administrative Office of the School will be functioning from Monday to Saturday.
Fee Payment timings :
8.30 a.m to 1.00 p.m

General Rules
  • Term Days
  • Availing Leave
  • Gate Pass
  • Late Reporting
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